Learning/Training Resources

Books, web sites, you tube channels, training modules, or any resources that you recommend can be included here.

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New Web Trends

Should email marketing (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.), or social media (for business) like Facebook and LinkedIn be covered? Thoughts?

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3D Modeling and Animation

We’ve run a 3D Modeling class in the early 2000’s and dropped it in favor of more web-focused content, but have since revived it and ran the course using Blender (a free open source platform) which is very popular. Would 3D Modeling be a valuable skill for our students? Should it be incorporated into a Computer Graphics class for exposure, or would it just take up credit space that could be used for other relevant course content.

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Interface UX Design

Should a course in UX (User Experience), Interface Design, even Mobile App Development be developed to take the place of one or both of the Flash courses? Thoughts?

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Web Programming

What Web Programming Languages (other than HTML5, CSS, JavaScript) should be covered in the program? PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Python, Ruby, etc. and how much? Thoughts?

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Should WordPress be covered – and how much? Should we cover basic installation and page creation or dig deeper into editing and creating themes?  Thoughts?

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Projects-based Second Level Course

We’ve considered creating a projects-based course that focuses on logo/brand identity, package design, etc. that would encompass a wide variety of products and formats. [It would essentially combine our second level courses (Computer Graphics II and Desktop Publishing II) into one design/project-based course for portfolio development on a wide variety of media.]  Thoughts?

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Focus on Dreamweaver

For our Graphics for the Web course (GRD 123), we work with Adobe Dreamweaver as our authoring environment, but our focus has been less on learning the Dreamweaver application and tools, and more on building pages with HTML5 and CSS. I want our Web development students to be able to code without relying heavily on Dreamweaver. Any text editors to recommend other than TextWrangler (Free for Mac) or NotePad++ (Free for Windows)? Sublime Text, Coda, etc.? What are your thoughts? 

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Hardware/Lab Equipment

Our graphics lab contains 20 Apple iMacs (20-inch) with Intel Core 2 Duo Processors running OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard). We recently upgraded to 8GB of RAM (from 4GB). We have a color laser printer (Xerox 6360DN), scanner (rarely used anymore), digital camera, and backup capabilities on a Windows-based server. We are due to replace computers after this upcoming year. Any suggestions for future purchases?

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Creative Cloud

We currently use Adobe Creative Suite 6 – the latest version before the “Creative Cloud.” Any reason to consider about switching to Cloud-based suite yet?

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